Saturday, April 13, 2013

Averaging through Script

Match: MI vs PWI on 13/4/13

With their last performance PWI must have inspired the punters to back them expecting them to give MI run for their money, especially in the background of their performance against them last season. So the scripting for this match to be such that the match and odds remained in favour of MI from beginning to end, PWI not being in the reckoning at any stage, must have served fixers' cause well.

Was it natural law of averages at play or averaging through script that Dinda, the bowling hero of Pune's win against Mumbai last season, went for IPL's record 63 runs in 4 overs? Curious that with many bowling options available, both in seam and spin, Dinda (with his aweful bowling) was persisted with, even for bowling the last over.

The heavy scoring in last overs by MI ensured session manipulation such that the 20 over score was more than the highest on offer at any point during the session.

Batsmen getting out willingly is now too familiar a thing to be commented upon again and again. It was interesting to see that immediately after the commentator started telling how dangerous Yuvraj could be and that he could be a match winner on his own, he got out, ending all hopes for PWI.

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