Sunday, April 28, 2013

RR vs SRH: 27/4/2013

The top batsmen getting out cheaply and tailenders piling up runs, all was a result of the ingenuity of script-writers. So says the book 'Inside the Boundary Line.' This particular aspect of the script-writing was well exhibited in this match through SRH innings. From 29/6 in 6.1 overs, they could pile up a well competitive (especially in light of their bowling prowess and performance so far in the tournament) 144 runs. While cricket experts will waste no time in attributing this to vagaries of the game, a simple minded like me would wonder that either the SRH top batsmen forgot how they were to bat in first 6 overs, or the RR bowlers forgot later on how they were bowling in those 6 overs.

After one initial success to SRH (Rahane), RR won comfortably with more than two overs to spare. Are SRH, the new entrants (like PWI last year), going the same way as PWI went last year? May be or may be some twist to that pattern, time will tell us.

SRH exhibited some great bowling performances to make punters expect same from them in matches to come. That's why now lousy performances from them. While they repeatedly defended low scores, they are not being able to compete with better scores on the board. This is one small example of how scripting has to be done and is done on long term basis , not that some odd match only is fixed.

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