Tuesday, April 9, 2013

KKR vs RR: 8/4/2013

I am being told that the viewers going to watch IPL matches know that those are fixed. No wonder, as it would be someone very dumb not to know after seeing a few of these matches. Still I am not sure whether they know the extent of fixing and understand the implications. And  they crowd the grounds still. That motivates the organisers to continue with the bufoonery. More than that, the bettors continuing to lose their money motivates them.

The subject match was no different. I couldn't follow it live as I was travelling. Could follow it through internet also only intermittently. Still as luck would have it, I could notice the odds in f/o KKR, the favourites to win, suddenly rising to 1.68 from 1.58 in the 6th over for no rhyme and reason. But rhyme revealed itself soon after when Tiwary's wicket fell. And all hell broke loose with KKR collapsing to be 56 for 6 in 11 overs from being 40 for 2 in 6 overs (the last over of the session). Before the champions KKR as a team forgot how to bat, I am sure overall there must have been some heavy betting in their favour.

With so many unexpected turns being dished out so far, it is hard to imagine how many bettors must be becoming paupers. I am sure this trend will not continue for long, and same will be reversed as soon as people implicitly start expecting this trend.

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